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tv   Today  NBC  November 15, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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and we're back now with more of "today" on a thursday morning. it's the 15th day of november, 2012. let's recap, shall we? >> okay. >> we've got the christmas tree. which has arrived in rockefeller center. >> right. >> we have a read through this morning for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> right. >> which can only mean one thing. holiday time here. we are ready. >> thanksgiving? >> we had the rockettes earlier. >> it's holiday season, we have a nice crowd gathered on our plaza this morning, happy to be out here with them. i'm matt lauer along with savannah gurthrie, mr. al roker, and mr. willie geist. and coming up with the
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professionals. >> and dr. phil sticking around to join us. he'll be in for dr. nancy, no shortage of opinions. he's going to join donny and star as we look at the guy fieri review. their takes on it and also donny here special just for flirting, to flirt or not to flirt. >> i think we know donny's answer. >> is donny breathing? this weekend, of course, we've got another edition of "saturday night live." and you know given the news of the week, it is going to be very interesting show. well, we're going to talk to snl star fred armisen about all the news they'll be talking about and what it's like to not play president obama. and later, we're going to help you get motivated to get active with new games and gadgets that are supposed to get you moving during the cold months when you want to curl under the covers and do nothing. >> okay. >> people do that. >> yeah. exactly. natalie's standing by at the news desk to get a check of the
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headlines. good morning, everyone. general david petraeus has volunteered to testify in front of congress on friday about the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya, this as the scandal widens following his acknowledged extramarital affair and subsequent resignation. meanwhile, the special agent who investigated the e-mails sent to a socialite has been revealed. humphries ii played a key role helping athwa ining thwart a pl terrorist attack. he has seen no evidence that the general's indiscretion led to a national security breach. rocket fire intensified overnight between israel and militants in gaza. this morning, at least three israelis were killed when their apartment building was struck by a gazan rocket marking the jewish state's first casualty since they launched into action on wednesday killing hamas'
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military commander. more than 100 have been wounded. the president heads to the new york area today to survey the damage left in the wake of superstorm sandy. this after taking a strong stance on the looming fiscal cliff telling lawmakers that the economy cannot afford a tax increase on all americans. republican leaders say raising income tax rates on wealthier americans would hurt job creation. new health concerns this morning for yet another popular caffeinated drink, 13 reported deaths have been linked to the possible involvement of 5-hour energy. according to the fda, reports date back to 2009, dozens involving life-threatening issues like convulsions, heart attacks, and even a spontaneous abortion. the company that distributes the energy shot drink says it is unaware that any deaths can be proven to be caused by 5-hour energy and that the drink is safe when used as directed.
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nbc news has confirmed this morning, british oil giant bp has agreed to pay a record criminal penalty as it nears a federal settlement over the 2010 gulf oil disaster. the settlement also includes criminal charges in connection with the deadly oil rig explosion. u.s. women's soccer team goalie solo and jeremy stevens were married tuesday, the same day they appeared in court in a domestic violence case. police had detained stevens monday for a suspected assault at solo's suburban home. he was released when the judge ruled there was insufficient evidence. the couple had been dating for about two months. and you may be getting excited for thanksgiving, but these turkeys have declared all out war. one commuter in connecticut caught these wild turkeys bringing traffic to a halt, gobbling, even pecking at his car. the turkeys have been turning up every morning for the last few weeks, and the thanksgiving
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feast coming, they're not backing down. turkeys win in this case. it is 9:04 right now. let's go back to al with a check of the weather. hey, al. >> you want a piece of me? let's take a look, see what you got for you as far as your weather's concerned. for today, we've got wet weather down along the southeastern atlantic coast, the carolinas looking at wet stuff. basically a beautiful day here in the northeast, though going to be a little on the chilly side. some fog in the pacific northwest and even freezing fog in southern idaho. look for afternoon showers in central california, gulf coast looking pretty good, plenty of sunshine, but it is going to be chilly in the northeast all the >> good morning.england. i you'll notice more cloud cover today. there is a slight chance for re sprinkled this evening.
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>> and that's your latest weather. willie? >> all right, al, thank you very much. time for "today's professionals." in for dr. nancy snyderman today, our great pleasure to welcome dr. phil. author of "life code," the new rules for winning in the real world. good morning. >> and a special guest down at the end, lingering in our studio, guy fieri. >> he's here to do my hair. he's going -- >> i told you what we can do with it. >> that'd be a good look. >> we're going to read a piece of this "new york times" review of guy's new restaurant in time square. the "new york times" writes in part, guy fieri, have you eaten at one of your new restaurants? have you pulled up one of the seats and ordered a meal? did you eat the food?
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did it live up to your expectation? did you try the blue drink? the watermelon margarita and goes on and on from there. i'll spare you the rest of it. donny, let me start with you, some people saying this is self-indulgent by the writer, a guy with an agenda. others say he was assigned the job and gave his honest opinion. >> well, i think this is the best thing that happened. hey, these food critics, they eat up here places, this is real food for real people. enough with the critics, make it the populous movement. this will turn into gold for you, my friend. say we're not for critics, we're for you and me. this is a bonanza for me. i thought it was very good. >> it was very sarcastic. >> it was mean-spirited. almost if the critic didn't want to go to the restaurant. like his boss made him go to the restaurant and then in criticizing the food, it was like, so since i have to be here and eat in this place, i'm going
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to take you down. it was mean and unnecessary. >> guy brought enough food to feed our entire "today" crew. they're downstairs trying the food. dr. phil, you star, and donny all had a bite. >> well, first off, i did have some of it, and everything i tasted was really good. and i've got to say. i've got a problem with these critics and the language in this article tells me that it was more about him trying to find ways that he could flourish and embellish and lift himself up than it was about telling people about the restaurant. i mean, come on. this was way across the line. and you know what really bothers me? two things, there are 250 people working at this restaurant. he's entertaining himself and inflating his ego at the expense of 250 hard-working people that are down there trying to do a good job. that bothers me a lot. >> next dr. phil, restaurant critics. >> but donny, isn't that critic doing his job? >> look, let's not get too warm
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and fuzzy here. if we can be rude to politicians, i have no problem with the guy taking out knives. it is what it is. a lot of journalists are self-motivated. my point is, it's just food, relax a little bit. >> if you're going to take out knives, and i understand, you know, you go to the big fancy smancy restaurants, but this is real food in time square, what did you expect? >> this wasn't about the food. it was about the critic. and by the way, last night, they host the "new york times" hosted 160-person party at that restaurant. >> dr. phil, haven't we trained our culture that angry sells? that the more -- whether it's political talk shows, our candidate. so we're training whether it's food critics or everybody -- or housewives to throw things at each other. this is more example of bad behavior getting more attention. >> the last time guy was here, he -- we fought each other to get over to it.
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>> we're going to do therapy over this scathing review. >> guy, it would be one thing if it appeared in the "new york times" and a small audience of people who read that saw it. but this has gone viral. are you worried what it might do to your business? >> well, i came back to new york. i live in california, i was just here for a few days working at the restaurant, flew home for a parent/teacher conference, flew right back to come here and face this. the restaurant business is not exact. we're trying every day to be as good as we can be. we know there's critics. and i listen to my critics, that's my guests that come in the restaurant, my fans that come in the restaurant. visitors and new yorkers. am i worried about it? yeah. anything bad. especially when there was, i think another agenda. but the reality, and i'm glad to hear the comments and support. we'll prevail, keep going. i've got a great team, great chefs, this will move on. >> run with it. put a sign, no critics -- this is gold. >> donny, i'm going to put you out there. >> it's a great opportunity. >> costs a lot of money to get
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this advice from him, yes, indeed, i'd take it. >> we appreciate you coming in. >> thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> next topic, flirting with trouble. new piece in the "wall street journal" talks about the pros and cons of flirting coming off this scandal in the united states military if you want to call it that. general allen e-mailing with the woman, ms. kelley in tampa, senior department -- >> looking at me. >> well, these e-mails were flirtatious in nature. so can flirting be a good thing in the workplace? i actually -- >> i can't believe i'm asking you. >> i, actually, this is going to be controversial. i never had a problem with people having relationships in the workplace as long as it wasn't a direct subordinate. it's an natural eco system for people to meet. they spend all their waking hours, and flirting in and of itself can give good energy. there's different degrees of flirting. and i think every time people from the opposite sex usually interact or the same sex, there's some granular thing
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going on and it's okay. >> i have to take the -- put my legal hat on today because there's innately going to be a problem in your workplace even if you're not subordinate and boss. you're going to make an uncomfortable work environment for the other employees, and that is in violation -- >> very, very -- quickly, when leno went off the air, the most beautiful moment he said, here's my tribute and they opened up the curtain to all the families that met on his show and children were born out of it. so there's something wonderful. >> what's the line between flirting and going to sexual harassment? >> well, depends what your intention is. if you flirt enough, you can get a rabbit to hug a hen. the question is, what are you trying to do? if you're doing it for a purpose to come together, then okay, you get what you go after. but don't pretend you're doing one thing if you're doing something else. if you're going after a relationship with that person,
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then you're flirting with a purpose, okay. but own it. don't pretend you're not. and if somebody says, no, that's the harassment part, somebody says no, it's no. >> or if it makes the person who sits across from the person uncomfortable. >> none of their business. >> i'm supposed to work in an environment where my colleague's not getting special favors because -- >> leave it there. >> i think hooching it up should be the last word in this debate. thank you so much for being with us. up next, one of the stars of "snl" right after this. ♪ one for you. ♪ and one for me. ♪ you, you, you, you, you... ♪ and one for me. ♪ check out the price of this new flat screen. ♪ ♪ i'll buy it for bill but it's also for me. ♪ ♪ xbox for jack. ♪ sweaters for nancy. ♪ i'm blown away... i'm freaking out... ♪ ♪ deals, deals, deals! breathe. ♪ one for you and one for guess who. ♪
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well, the action may be over, but with the petraeus scandal this week, something
9:17 am
tells us there's no shortage of material for the folks at "saturday night live." one of their funniest fred armisen has stopped by. >> we're all ready imagining the scenarios. >> it's all surprises, but there'll be good stuff for sure. >> is it fair to say we'll hear from general petraeus on saturday night? >> well, i'll give nothing away, but you'll be happy. >> and jeremy renner hosting. >> he's an actual actor, you know, from a real film. a real movie star and he's really great and i've been a fan of his for a long time anyway, you know. of "hurt locker," it's a cool movie. >> how is he rolling from the idea of how things change so quickly and sketches get dropped or added? >> you don't attach yourself emotionally to anything. because it just changes so much that you go in and do your job and try to be -- >> those of us who have been the rehearsals and see the show, it changes up to the last minute, things will be dropped left and
9:18 am
right. makes your job that much harder. >> you memorize a script and it's gone. >> people running up to you, this is out. it's like being a soldier or something. >> i heard jason sudekis in an interview talking about how the crew hates you guys. you know that theme park we were going to do? that's a church. and they have to rebuild it. >> he had that look, like, what? people hate us? >> costumes, everything. wigs. >> meanwhile, we got to know you very well as president obama where you played so brilliantly. jay ferrell has taken on that role. do you miss playing the president? >> no, i like the constant change at "snl" and makes me feel good about the place. jay is so brilliant. and it's kind of nice because as things move along, you know, it's something to embrace. >> why was there a change, fred? a lot of people got uncomfortable, everyone
9:19 am
identifies the president -- why the change? >> because of the new, you know, the fact there's like a new presidency, the election and everything. and it's just a good time to do it. the time is right to kind of, you know, let things move on a little bit. and change is always a great thing. >> you've been on the show -- it's hard to believe you've been on ten years. >> how do you think i feel? >> how do you feel? >> because it's incredible. it does feel like a brand new job to me all the time. maybe because every week there's like a new host and everything, but it's always brand new to me. and it went by in a flash. >> meanwhile, you have a new book out, as well. you're also an author, based on your show. >> yeah, that's the one and i wrote it with kari brownstein and a couple other writers from the show. and that's it right there. >> it's a hilarious show, by the way. the premise, kind of hipsters. >> like a fake travel book for portlandia, this fictional place, this fictional city. >> a hipster's bible.
9:20 am
>> i'll take it. >> i think we need to go to portlandia. >> we're hipsters. we need to go to get hip. >> exactly. >> thank you. >> all right. i've been -- don't forget, catch "snl" with jeremy renner this saturday 10:30 central here on nbc. >> thanks, fred. great to have you. coming up, gadgets that will keep you moving. i like to drink orange juice or have lemon in my water... eat tomato sauce on my spaghetti. the acidic levels in some foods can cause acid erosion. the enamel starts to wear down. and you can't grow your enamel back. i was quite surprised, as only few as four exposures a day what that can do to you. it's quite a lesson learned. my dentist recommended that i use pronamel. because it helps to strengthen the enamel. he recommended that i use it every time i brush. you feel like there is something that you're doing to help safeguard against the acid erosion.
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and i believe it's doing a good job.
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brew what you love, simply. keurig. over the past few weeks, millions of people here in the northeast experience life without power. what would you do if the power went out and never came back on? that's the premise of the new hit nbc drama "revolution." john carlos plays neville. the militia that formed after the blackout. good morning. pleasure to have you here.
9:24 am
>> good to be here. >> it's a huge hit for nbc. i should say thank you. we appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> i imagine when you get a call from j.j. abrams, the opportunity to work on a show he creates, it's got to be amazing. >> it's an amazing thing. we also have eric cripke who does supernatural and brian burke, but it's great to be on a show where people get the fact you have to do characters with action and great actors. >> do you know where everything's going this season? >> it's being revealed even to me. >> as we speak writing scripts. >> exactly right. things change all the time. i think that there's a big cliffhanger coming which will keep our audience really on the edge of their seats on 11/26. and we're celebrating led zeppelin. >> i know, this coming episode. thank you so much, catch all new episodes of "revolution" on nbc. ♪
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>> this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> coming out of this disturbance, mostly to our south, we will see some cloudiness today. that will hold temperatures down a little bit. there may be a few sunbreaks. high temperatures will be right around 50 degrees. farther south you go, the
9:29 am
9:30 am
i think i just saw the reality of what had happened. and i had my eye patch on. i didn't have my hand. and half my head was shaved, and i was just thinking, wow. >> that is 24-year-old fashion writer lauren scruggs, the young woman who walked into a spinning airplane propeller nearly a year ago. the accident almost killed her. but her attitude is amazing, and she and her family will be here live tomorrow on "today" for an exclusive interview. and i'll have more with her tomorrow night on "dateline." she's an incredible woman. great spirit. her whole family, very spiritual, very christian and really believe that now she has a great story to tell to help
9:31 am
others. >> she looks amazing. >> in just a year's time, it's remarkable what the doctors have been able to do in her recovery overall. >> amazing to survive to begin with and then look as good as she does. >> it's been very hard, but she's handling it with such grace and dignity. it's beautiful. >> we look forward to seeing her tomorrow. coming up, we're going to test our social cues, how to handle the awkward situations, whether it's a new co-worker who won't leave you alone, willie, or tricky issues during the holidays. we'll advice. >> i wonder what that restraining order was all about from one al roker. and if the cold weather makes you want to curl under a blanket in front of the tv, we'll get you up on your feet and moving with a new interactive game. >> it's called, hey, i'm squatting in front of the tv. that's fantastic. >> all right. >> now i'm going to squat over
9:32 am
here. that's fantastic. >> moving, it's good. also, you may be doing a little bit of the squats after you stuffs yourself on thanksgiving. what better way to segue our favorite italian cooking family the scottos are whipping up recipes and squatting. >> mom's wearing leather. >> i know. hot mama, marion. marion and her leather. >> that was natalie for the record. >> again, socially awkward. let's see what we've got for you as we look ahead toward the weekend. for tomorrow, no travel troubles, wet weather, though, along the west coast into central california. sunny and cold through the plains. as we move into saturday, doing some traveling, rain along the southeastern atlantic coast. again, the west coast, heavy rain in central california into the pacific northwest. and then sunday, sunday, rain and windy along the mid-atlantic coast. we've got more rain and snow in the pacific northwest down in central california. and the mountains
9:33 am
>> good morning. things will be pretty quiet on this thursday. temperatures will be seven degrees below average. >> and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al. thank you very much. fun gadgets to get you up off that couch and moving. we're going to dance. you're going to dance. >> i am? >> we're not allowed to do that. [ male announcer ] this is bob,
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and now that we're a preferred pharmacy with four of the top medicare drug plans, you can save even more money on your prescriptions. no arguments here. stop by for your free walgreens medicare review by december 7th right here at the corner of happy and healthy. "today's" holiday kitchen is brought to you by ocean spray. tastes good. good for you. ♪ >> this morning on "be healthy, be well." gra gadgets to keep you moving. our technology expert is here to show us how the right gear can make all the difference. this is so exciting. >> this is an exciting segment. let's start it right out. >> all right. >> if anybody has an xbox, there's an awesome new game created at nike camp called nike plus for connect and it has over
9:38 am
100 different drills, puts you in the heart of the action, gives you your own personal trainer. as you can see, this one is called break down the walls. i have to squat. >> does that guide you on the side? >> yeah, he trains me. i go through a 15 minute body assessment. it's going to see if i'm injured or not, put me through fitness tests. and you can have your own personal trainer. a great game to really get you moving. nike plus for kinect. >> i love a good set of headphones to keep you moving. ear buds fall out. these i've been testing out for a few months, called jay birds sport bands, and they stay on, but the best part about them, they're wireless. if you have your smartphone, you can control it from the headphones and you can take and make calls, which is a nice little option. but the best part is, they stay on. >> that's great. that's fantastic. >> five awesome colors too. >> i like these goggles.
9:39 am
>> you're familiar with these goggles. you have seen the underwater version, there's a scuba and snorkel version. they take pictures, video, now there's a new ski goggle that takes stills, but also coolest part about it, you can wirelessly stream the video l right to somebody's smartphone. >> so they can see you wipe out. >> i like to hang out in the lobby and eat hot dogs while they're on the slopes, but now they can prove it to me because i can see their feed live. >> watch out for that cliff -- >> yeah, go down and go anywhere from $100 to $400 depending on what you want. i'm out of breath from that. >> i don't feel so bad now. you take a breath. you really like this. >> i love this. so there is a very cluttered market when it comes to fitness bands. my favorite is -- this is just relaunched on tuesday. this is jawbone -- >> they took it off the market because it had a lot of
9:40 am
problems. >> it is back and better than ever. >> waterproof now? >> waterproof, amazing. you take the wristband off and pop it into the headphone jack of your iphone. it tracks your sleep, calories burned, your steps taken. as you can see today i've already taken 1,668 steps, i go for 10,000 steps a day, but the cool one i like is the sleep. you can see it maps out my sleep, but not just shows me how many hours i've slept, deep sleep, slight sleep, how long it took to fall asleep, maps it out for you, and i can follow my friend mindy and travis. friends and family, you want to track the data, do that too. >> i want to find out how my family's sleeping. >> nice little option. >> fit bit is another option, if you don't want to have the bracelet i have, this is more discreet, you can have it on your bra, your pants. >> that's much more discreet. >> well, you don't see it, al. let's get with the program here. >> it's lighting and beeping.
9:41 am
>> it's only $60, tracks your calories burned. >> what is this here? >> this is a fraction of the price, $30, called the move band and tracks all your movement and calories burned and your distance. this is for organizations and educational programs. for example, the cleveland public library had a whole program where they're all challenging themselves to lose some weight. >> what about for your bike? >> this is awesome. if you're worried about your safety in the early morning hours, taking that bike ride, these are under $10, spokelets. and as you can imagine, it makes your wheel look awesome. and these are my favorite, monkey lights. i'm going to get this spinning around, from space invaders, hearts, to skulls, they whip around and they will make you stand out. it's an awesome option. parents perk up, this is hot on the holiday list. this is the wii u. parents need to take advantage of it of all the awesome games out there. this one is just dance 4. and i'm going to hit your
9:42 am
button. you have to follow your character on the screen. al, you're the guy in the black. >> okay. >> we are dancing to jailhouse rock. top 40 songs, 80 songs, al's chosen to sweat to the oldies, take advantage of awesome games. >> thanks so much. up next, how to handle those sticky social situations like this. but later, the first italian family of cooking, the scottos. get down. first these messages. donut.
9:43 am
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9:46 am
but today we have a welcome willie palooza for the situation. >> when new folks make your life a living hell, here we go. >> what? you had to bring in an expert. >> saying the same about us. >> an expert. a new co-worker transferred to our office from another state. i said, let me know if you need any help settling in. since then, it's been three calls a day and nonstop lunch and dinner invitations, how do i make this stop? >> i think you just got to cut him off. i hate to say it. you've done your part, helped him get started and now maybe stop responding to e-mails quickly, don't return the phone calls. you can't go on like this. >> willie's going with the train the puppy. >> i think you say, look, you know, i've been thrilled to help you, but i need to pull back a little bit because i'm kind of slammed at work. >> okay. the lie. >> i feel like the worker is
9:47 am
kind of looking for a friend more than anyone. doesn't know anyone, probably trying to find somebody to help guide them, but i think at that point you do, i agree with willie, i think you have to say, listen, i'd love to help you out, you can call me when you really need me, but i've got a whole other life to take care of. >> can i maybe throw in one more thing? >> okay. >> share the load. i think natalie's totally right, this guy is lonely. introduce to other co-workers and friends and maybe you can offload this one on to them. >> share the load. spread the wealth. >> exactly. okay. this one is about thanksgiving. new addition to the family. my brother just married a nice girl who is trying to take over our family thanksgiving. she wants to change all our family traditions to her family's. we want her to feel welcome, but how do we get her to back off? >> does she cook? send her to my place.
9:48 am
if she's willing to cook for us. >> i think it's up to you to tell your brother, say, look, you've got to have your new wife back off a little bit because she's going to tick everybody off and end up with a carving knife in her back. >> but life is change and family is change, so you can't ice her out. >> no. >> she gets to bring a pie a this or that too. >> that's what we did when i married my wife. you bring in some of their traditions. she does one thing, and when i go to visit her house, it's all about her. we come with overwhelming force, you get the aunts, uncles, grandmas, resistance is futile. >> so a gesture and i like al's comment a lot about rather than taking the new gal on directly, go to your brother who you've got a relationship with. >> sure. >> i agree. >> brand new receptionist at our office. and i can smell her perfume all the way in the back of the office. >> yeah. >> it is giving me a headache. would it be rude to say
9:49 am
something to her? if not, what? >> i think you need to say it. because i bet a lot of people in the office feel the same way. i've had this issue with people and i'm very perfume sensitive and too much is -- >> i would walk up to her and say, look, there's been a problem -- >> people have been talking about it. >> natalie has been complaining. >> exactly. >> natalie has a headache. >> natalie's allergic and it may be -- >> blame it on somebody else is what you're saying. >> i think a lot of times the person wearing all the perfume doesn't realize, perhaps, how much they're wearing. >> did you tell joe scarborough that? >> it was axe body spray. if you say it gently. >> it's a good thing here. >> you're helping them out, actually. >> one more. >> no. >> how do you tell a guest you're out of time. >> you're out of time. >> welcome, willie. >> thank you. >> paperback edition. we've got the hard cover
9:50 am
editions. thank you. good job as always. coming up next, thanksgiving recipes from the scotto family. this is "today" on nbc. [ harry umlaut ] the five stages of muller. suspicion: it's yogurt, how good can it be? revision. "actually, this ain't bad"? surprise! "look at this cool corner thingy!" desolation. "it's gone." anticipation "hey! there's more in the fridge." [ male announcer ] muller. the european for yummy. [ knocking ] oh, no, i got to go. oh, can you make that to go? these days, body has time to get sick. but minuteclinic makes it easy to get well. our nurse practitioners can diagnose and write prescriptions for everything from strep throat to sinus infections with no appointment necessary, so you can feel better in no time. you guys want to go to the park? yeah! yeah! minuteclinic, the medical clinic in cvs/pharmacy.
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"today's holiday kitchen" is brought to you by ocean spray. tastes good, good for you. ♪ >> this morning in "today's holiday kitchen," an italian thanksgiving courtesy of the scotto familia. of the new york restaurant. what do you like in the kitchen at the scotto family thanksgiving. >> i brought those aromas to fresco now. our beautiful turkey, our famous stuffing, which is rice and sausage and, oh -- and it's the best. >> wow. >> now we're going to do --
9:53 am
>> like ravioli. >> it is, but it's made in a triangle. what's the stuffing here? >> oh, this stuffing -- would you mix that for me, please? >> absolutely. >> it is pumpkin. and then we're adding some maple syrup. >> oh. >> and some nutmeg. >> why -- why is there -- >> ahh -- >> okay. okay. the syrup makes it a little sweet. so then you hard boil it, the topping here is butter and sage. >> mm-mmm. and that's what we're doing. natalie, give me some nuts because they'll kill me here. they get so vicious with me. >> this family. >> all right. >> during thaifnksgiving we can just do a thanksgiving menu, we have to do something else. we thought of a great salmon dish we could do and use a
9:54 am
lobster succotash. we've cubed and quartered and cleaned artichokes. i've sauteed garlic and onion to start with. we have the cubed -- >> lobster. >> we're going to add a little to this, tomato for color. >> that's beautiful. >> little salt, little pepper, and we're going to in a sense stew that down. you want to get it a little soft, lobster's cooked, no big deal. all these textures and flavors just terrific. >> the lobster was salt and pepper, light seasoning. >> yeah, let me get to that. but the lobster was cooked down, we pulled out the lobster so it's not out of the stock. then we're going to take this salmon and cook it skin side down, it's got to be scheming hot. if not, it's going to stick. we take it rare, put it on top of the succotash, the succotash is just going to melt into your mouth. and then you're going to finish it with just -- and this is online for you, the recipe, just a little caper and white wine
9:55 am
and lemon sauce. >> beautiful. delicious. all right. all yours. >> okay. so we are doing a maple apple bread pudding. >> nice. >> and i'm going to start here with some eggs and milk. and al, would you get me some sugar. >> brown sugar? >> light brown sugar. vanilla. >> all right. >> cinnamon. and we're going to mix this all together, some maple syrup please. a pinch of salt. >> all right. >> and we mix this all together. and what we like to call this is rustic bread. however it would otherwise be known as stale bread. so take some old bread, throw it in, add some apples. >> all right. >> we're going to mix that all up and here, look how cute, we've taken our pumpkin, cleaned it out, and now we stuff it, and once we do that, we have the oven at 350, and we bake it for about 45 minutes. >> that's beautiful. >> it's great.go9
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